100% Searchable video is here.

80% of the world’s data will be video within the next two years, challenging video content creators, publishers, distributors and anyone in the business managing video to make that data searchable and useable.

Vu Digital converts every frame of a video into usable data, identifying every word of dialog, every face, every brand logo, every object and every bit of on-screen text. It also converts all audio into a fully meta-tagged, time-stamped transcript that you can search and output.

Imagine the possibilities

Robust SEO

Imagine the power of your SEO when every word in a video is available to you automatically.

Granular Curation

Imagine being able to curate and archive video content not just by titles, but by dialog, faces, brand logos, objects and text.

Precise Valuation

Imagine being able to measure and value the exact amount of screen time a brand or product receives.

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Request a 15 day free trial

Reduces evidence
review time by up to:

Vu Digital is generating dramatic efficiencies for business media management, reducing curating, archiving and search time by up to 80%.



Finds faces, objects, words,
text easily.


Saves search keys, making future reviews quick and easy.


Reports how often faces, objects, words and text appear and for how long.


Allows simultaneous review of up to 8 cameras.


Provides fast video clip sharing via email without having to leave the program.

Request a 15 day free trial

It’s Simple.


Grant access to your video or audio and your files will be automatically encoded with time-stamped metatags and complete transcription in approximately 2-4 minutes per hour of video.



Search faces, objects, words and text quickly and easily. Review up to 8 videos simultaneously. Make and save annotations and share clips immediately.


Video and audio are stored on a Tier III secure data center, making future managing, redacting, and sharing of data fast and easy.

Vu Digital offers a variety of options to integrate seamlessly into your workflow, including the use of a Media Asset Management System (MAM) to link to your API.

What our customers are saying:

“Vu Digital reads for 4-5 metadata fields to complete speech, text and logo recognition on more than 7,000 hours of content each year. This allows us to quickly search and find specific players at specific tournaments at specific holes, for instance. Or, every sponsor logo for every tournament. And share that content with sponsors and affiliates at CBS and NBC.”
Michael Raimondo
PGA Tour, MAM Director

“Vu Digital gives us, for the first time, a way to harness video data that will improve search results, click-through rates and traffic to our content.”
Tim Kelly,
SVP of WeatherNation

Reduce your video search, management, and storage retrieval time by 80%.

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