One of the core components that Vu Digital offers if automated speech recognition (ASR). Built from the ground up, using proprietary algorithms and language models, Vu is able to read video and produce speaker transcriptions.

“One of the most costly and time consuming tasks in creating metadata over video used to be the delivery of a speaker transcript. We’ve been hearing, and listening, to people say that the spoken word is so valuable and the market has been demanding cost efficient and easy ways of producing this. We’re proud of what we’re able to do with this and the results speak for themselves,” says Allison Talley, Senior Manager of Product Development at Vu Digital.

The long Vice Presidential debate earlier this week is a prime example of using this technology to produce a transcript of a long video. “The hour and a half debate took about five minutes to ingest and produce a transcript,” says Talley.

The full transcript of the debate can be found here.

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